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Dean's Message

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate,

In line with the vision and mission of Ajman University, the College of Education and Basic Sciences constantly endeavors to equip its students with a threefold system of values, knowledge, and skills to enable them to acquire the adequate resources and practices, necessary for them to success in their post-university life. To achieve that, the College focuses on:

1. Tuning up the curricula so as to embrace IT technology, while remaining firmly rooted in our Islamic tenets and traditional values.

2. Adopting a learner-centered educational curriculum, which stimulates creativity, innovation, and critical thinking.    

3. Meeting the academic standards of national and international accreditation bodies.

4. Creating the appropriate environment for students’ fulfillment and meeting the requirements of the job market.     

5. Offering new programs in the undergraduate and graduate levels, and developing scientific research in line with the University's strategic plan.

6. Implementing comprehensive training and development programs to ensure continuous improvement of skills for faculty and staff.    

7. Developing cooperation ties with universities and cultural institutions within the country and abroad, exchanging expertise, and maintaining the reputation and position of the university in the region.    

8. Serving the community by organizing workshops, training courses, lectures, seminars, and other community-related activities, which promote learning, culture and community work.

I pray that Allah assists all members of the College of Education and Basic Sciences in serving their university, and I wish our students all the success they deserve.

Prof. Cheikh Ould Hamoud