Randa Abdou  Soliman 1726

Randa Abdou Soliman

  • 06 705 6491
  • ajac.randa.s@ajman.ac.ae

• PhD in Education, Curricula and Instruction, Methods of Teaching English
• Masters in Education, Curricula and Instruction, Methods of Teaching English
• Special Diploma in Education
• Bachelor of Arts and Education, English Language
• Scholarship to Saint John's University, New York, USA
• Training Programs on Train the Trainer, Conflict Resolution, Time Management, SPSS and MOODLE
• Trainer of Effective Teaching Methodologies to University Instructors

Dr. Randa Soliman is the Head of TEFL Department at Ajman University . She has been teaching at the College of Education and Basic
Sciences, Teaching English as a Foreign Language Department since 2004. She is teaching an array of courses on Literature, Curriculum, Methodology, School/classroom Management, Educational Psychology, Short Stories, Testing, Pedagogical grammar, Teaching and Learning Strategies, English Language and Study Skills. She has been an academic supervisor of Practical Training for more than 10 years.

Research interest is creative thinking, creative-interactive teaching strategies, learner engagement, higher education, assessment and evaluation and
teacher training

The Role of a Learner Engagement Manual in the Dynamics of the Language
Classroom, 2015/2016 The American Journal of Educational Research,
Vol. 4, No. 3, 2016