AU Students Enjoy Recreational, Educational and Humanitarian Trips across UAE

Friday, Dec 08, 2017

Ajman University organized a variety of trips for its students. Colleges and offices collaborate with external entities both public and private to give the students a holistic experience of college life along with hands on experience of the practical world. Emphasis on recreational, educational and humanitarian trips are equal.

College of Mass Communication and Humanities took their graphic design students to the Arts museum in Sharjah. Under the supervision of Dr. Tarek Ismail, students enjoyed the display of contemporary and classic arts by Arab artists. They enjoyed listening about the creative process of art production.

College of Law took their students to the crime scene village in the Emirates of Ajman. Their visit comes as part of their course in field and criminal investigations, this links the theoretical studies to the practical experience for the students. The students were briefed on the contemporary methods used to unravel the mysteries of any case. Students were interested in the methods of crime scene isolation, protection and preservation of evidence and handling of victims. Experts gave detailed explanations along with visual examples at the scene village recreated in Ajman.

The Deanship of Student Affairs organized for the students a goodwill visit to the old people’s home. The students continued their campaign for elderly education by encouraging elders at the home to read using the latest technology. They taught them the basics of using the latest devices to read and improve their skills. This is an effort to make them an active part of our society their engagement is beneficial for them as well as the younger generation. The students and senior citizens shared traditional breakfast and interacted in an informal ambiance.

Students undertaking the Environmental Sciences course at the General Studies Unit enjoyed a trip to the Sharjah Desert Park. It houses the Wildlife Centre, animal farm, Islamic garden and Museum. They learnt about the environment and the natural habitat of animals both wild and domestic.

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences organized a humanitarian trip to the Autism Centre for the male and female students. The visit is in line with the initiative of raising awareness about autism, experts talked about how to deal with a patient and methods of integrating them and making them an active part of our society.

Amongst the many students clubs on campus there is one called “Nihon”. It is run by Japanese students on campus under the Deanship of Student Affairs. The members of Nihon visited the Dubai Mall on a cultural trip, they explored the Japanese bookstore Kinkoniya, which houses one of the largest collection of books. The trip ended on a feast of culinary delights of traditional Japanese food.