Physics Olympiad at Ajman University

Thursday, May 11, 2017

College of Education and Basic Sciences at Ajman University organized an interesting “Physics Olympiad” on campus. The event attracted over 74 students representing 19 public and private schools, that follow the ministerial curriculum and the British or American ones. Most of these students from grade 11, secondary school have a knack for mathematics and physics but their skills were put to test at this Olympiad.

This Olympiad was conducted in an  appropriate environment for a scientific competition amongst school students at the secondary level in various disciplines of physics. At the competition the students underwent an exam in several key topics in physics, that correspond to their age and level of knowledge set by the jury. It aims to discover talented students and encourage them to achieve the best there is.

Olympiad aims to train students on the patterns of creative thinking on an experiential environment. The competition also encouraged the students to learn beyond the constraints of the curriculum and contribute to their scientific and academic knowledge. The confidence level of the participants reflected their determination to prove themselves and their readiness to compete at local and international levels.

Dr. Mohammed Nasor, Acting Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Prof. Cheikh Ould Hamoud Dean, College of Education and Basic Sciences inaugurated the Olympiad and welcomed the participants and representatives from the schools. The winners and participants were honored in the ending ceremony held on campus.