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1-      Preparing class teachers for basic education level (first & second cycle) as well as teachers for the preparatory level core subjects (Arabic & Islamic studies, Maths & Science and English Language).

2-      Preparing individuals specialized in education technology who are capable of helping teachers to develop educational situations.

3-      Adding to learners knowledge and experience in using accurate Arabic language in their work as well as giving a special care to foreign languages especially English.

4-      Helping learners acquire an Islamic culture that can help in guiding students.

5-      Showing the importance of Arabic and Islamic civilization and its role in the fields of Science and technology.

6-      Helping students acquire psychological knowledge and foundations of curriculum and using the best ways to enhance learning develop.

7-      Emphasizing on the importance of different Sciences in developing technology which help solve a lot of education problems.

8-      Enabling students to gain the modern education technology and teaching methodology which enables them to solve some education problems.  

9-      Emphasizing on conducting educational researches that help developing the educational process.

10-  Participating in lectures, workshops, forums and local and international conferences.