Bachelor of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language


The English Department offers a four-years accredited Bachelor Degree program of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Throughout the four years of study, students become proficient in teaching English. In today’s globalized world, there is an increasing demand for English language teachers across the UAE and the region. English is one of the most widely spoken languages around the world and the need for learning this language is increasing. Knowledge of its literature, and the ability to read, analyze, criticize, and write in English, will equip students with a wide range of skills, which will be used in their future career.

This program is accredited by the Ministry of Education.

Program Outcomes

At the end of the program, students are expected to:

  1. Identify learning theories and various methods of teaching English as a foreign language.
  2. Show a broad and coherent knowledge of the fundamental concepts, principles and techniques of language learning.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of integrating technology and methods of teaching English including emerging trends in the field of educational technology
  4. Demonstrate effective communication skills using English orally and in writing to present ideas and engage in meaningful interaction
  5. Employ high-level thinking skills in lesson planning, lesson execution and evaluation of the teaching and learning processes
  6. Implement researching skills in data gathering, data analysis and presentation of results to identify and solve field- related problems
  7. Show independent decision-making on handling learning difficulties and classroom management problems and come up with appropriate solutions
  8. Interact with peer colleagues, qualified cooperative teachers and school administration in different situations.
  9. Apply ethical standards to the teaching/ learning practice
  10. Use positive criticism and feedback on their learning/ teaching performance to inform their approaches to professional development

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program are qualified to utilize their knowledge and competencies in the following areas:

  • Higher education institutions, including universities and community colleges
  • Private and governmental training agencies
  • Schools and school districts
  • Industry, health, army, government agencies and business corporations
  • Training and educational software development agencies
  • Media centers
  • Learning resource centers, including libraries
  • Evaluation, performance assessment and quality assurance agencies

Graduates are qualified to assume responsibilities in the following positions:

  • English Language Teachers
  • Teaching assistants at higher education institutions
  • Research Assistants
  • Instructional designers
  • Multimedia professional materials developers and designers
  • Distance learning program designers and managers


Admission Requirements

  • Certified UAE secondary school certificate or its equivalent, with a minimum average grade of 60%
  • English proficiency certificate with a minimum score of 500 for TOEFL or 5.0 for IELTS. 

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Graduation requirements


The Bachelor of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language is awarded upon the following:

Fulfillment of a minimum of 126 credit hours, including the following:
1. A minimum of general education courses (24 credit hours).
   a. University required courses (15 credit hours).
   b. University elective courses (9 credit hours).
2. College Required Courses (102 credit hours)
   a. A minimum of college required courses (24 credit hours).
   b. A minimum of program courses (78 credit hours) divided into the following:
     - Program required courses (66 credit hours).
     - Program elective courses (12 credit hours).
     - Successful completion of a practicum course (9 credit hours)
3. A final CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of no less than 2.0